Pricing and Payment Options

We offer several different packages base on your specific needs. These packages represent our standard yard sign ,flocking packages. We also offer custom packages, which offer mix-and-match display.

We offer special discounts on yard signs, and flocking for military, police, fire, and rescue workers.



Mini Display

  • Mini Displays include is perfect for small yards or garden areas.
  • Ten Critters of your choice
  • A Keepsake sign
  • Additional Critters Not Allowed

Payment Options

We make payment fast and easy by using the industry standard PayPal service. Through PayPal you can pay by  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or your Paypal account.

We will confirm the full payment amount with you. Please note that rush same day requests may incur an additional fee.

Flamingo Package

  • Includes up to Forty Flamingos
  • Additional Flamingos ($1.00 Each)
  • Five foot Flamingo ($25.00)

See Picture

Over The Hill – Traffic Sign Package

  • Includes up to 12 Tombstones
  • Includes up to ten buzzards

Buzzard Package

  • Includes up to 20 buzzards
  • Additional buzzards ($1.00 Each)

Pig Package

  • Includes up to 20 pigs
  • Additional pigs ($1.00 Each)

Monkey Package

  • Includes up to twenty monkeys.
  • Additional monkeys ($1.00 Each)

Smiley Package

  • Up to 20 Smileys
  • AdditionalSmileys ($1.00 Each)

Birthday Balloon Package

  • Includes up to twenty balloon signs

Penguin Package

  • Includes up to twenty penguins
  • Additional penguins ($1.00 each)

Frog Package

  • Includes up to twenty frogs
  • Additional frogs ($1.00 each)

Duck Package

  • Includes up to twenty ducks
  • Additional ducks ($1.00 each)

Over The Hill – Tombstone Package

  • Includes up to twelve Tombstones
  • Includes up to ten buzzards

Golf Balls Package

  • Includes up to twenty Golf Ball Signs
  • Add a child-size Golf Cart ($25.00)

Cow Package

  • Includes up to twenty Cows
  • Additional Cows ($1.00 Each)

Skunk Package

  • Includes up to twenty skunks
  • Additional skunks ($1.00 Each)

Dinosaur Package

  • Includes up to twenty dinosaurs
  • Additional dinosaurs ($1.00 Each)

Yard Words Package

Words spelled out on the lawn, in large letters. Yard Words can only be purchased as an add-on to another package. It is not sold individually.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yellow letters) $10.00
  • CONGRATULATIONS (yellow letters) $10.00
  • OVER THE HILL (black letters) $10.00