Our Policy

Refund Policy?

We have good news and bad news!
First the good news: We can offer a full refund for certain situations.

  • If you cancel 24 hours in advance of the rental date.(we can reschedule another date, if you prefer).
  • If we are unable to deliver due to adverse weather conditions such as (but not limited to) heavy snow/ice or high winds. We will make every effort to deliver as long as our safety is not compromised.

Now the bad news:

No Refunds will be given for circumstances that prevent us from setting up the display that are out of our control such as:

  • If we are given the wrong address or bad directions and are unable to reach you.
  • If the community is gated and security personnel is doing their job and will not let us in.
  • If we are unable to set up the display due to a loose dog or other animal that may make us feel threatened.
  • If we are caught in the act of setting up. (Please know that we make every effort to be in stealth mode and not be caught).
  • If the home owner stops us from setting up the display.
  • If the recipient requests us to remove the display early.

More Pesky Policies:

  • For safety’s sake, please do not allow children, or adults for that matter, to play on or around the displays. Our display items WILL NOT safely support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting, or playing on it. We do however, encourage the taking of pictures!!
  • We will not do rude, suggestive displays. Please don’t ask us to. This is good clean fun and we like to keep it that way.

Missing Item Fees:

In the event any items are missing, damaged or kept as souvenirs, the following fees will apply:

  • $ 6.00 per missing flamingo, smiley, hearts, balloons, etc.
  • $15.00 per missing tombstone.
  • $10.00 per missing buzzard, frog, or any printed coroplast sign.
  • These fees will be charged to your credit card after your return date.