Sign Phrases

Smiley Face Phrases
  • Smile! It’s your birthday
  • Start your birthday with a smile- or 30!
  • We’re grinning ear-to-ear cause (name)’s 40th b’day is here!
  • Smile! It increases your face value.
  • Thank you for making me smile
Flamingos Phrases
  • Happy Birthday You old bird
  • Old bird, young heart
  • What are you looking at?
  • This is my last attempt to attract a mate!
  • We flew in for (name’s) (age) birthday! Happy Birthday!
  • Gotcha! (name) these birds don’t sing! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name’s) still flying high at (age)! Happy Birthday!
  • We’re tickled pink to hear you are (age) today! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy (year) Birthday! You’ve just been flocked!
  • You honk & We’ll flap for (name’s) (age) birthday!
  • We flew the coop to wish (name) Happy Birthday!
  • Flocks of love on your (age) birthday (name).
  • Feather you like it or not, it’s your (age) bird-day, (name)
  • (Name) – a little birdie told us you’re (age)!
  • Happy (age) birthday (name)! You’ve been flocked!
  • We flew in to welcome the (name) to their new nest!
  • There goes the neighborhood!
  • (name) you still ruffle my feathers! Happy Anniversary
Tombstone Phrases
  • Name Here Lies Your Youth! Happy 40th Birthday
  • Tomb it May Concern Name is 40!
  • RIP- Retirement in Paradise!
  • A moment of silence (name) is (age)! Happy Birthday!
  • Hi ho hi ho over the hill (name) goes! Happy (age)!
  • Welcome to the other side of the hill!
Old Buzzard Phrases
  • Happy (age) Birthday, (name), you old Buzzard!
  • Something to Buzz about, (name) is (age).
  • We flew in to wish (name) a happy (age) Birthday!
  • Honk for (name), he’s a (age) year old buzzard!
  • We’re Buzzin’ In To Wish you a Happy (60th) Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, you old bird!
  • The old buzzard is (age)
  • Happy flocking birthday you old buzzard
  • We’re circling for (name)’s (age)
  • The old buzzard is (age)
  • Happy flocking birthday you old buzzard
  • We’re circling for (name)’s (age)
  • Buzzard Buzzard go away (name) is only (age) today
Traffic Sign Phrases
  • (name) all signs are leading you over the hill
  • Read the signs (name)
  • Caution – It’s (names) birthday today. (age) and dangerous
Graduation Phrases / Graduate Phrases (Smileys)
  • You made it, you did it, now lets celebrate it (name)
  • Jump & shout schools finally let out (name)
  • Look out world here he/she comes! Class of (year)!
  • Isn’t it cool? (Name) has graduated high school!
  • (name) Today you are a real star! Congrats Grad
  • Thank your lucky stars, you graduated!
  • The hassle is worth the tassel! Happy Graduation Day (name)!
  • We are grinning ear to ear because (Name’s) Graduation Day is here!
Graduation Phrases / Graduate Phrases (Flamingos)
  • Flocks of love on your graduation (name)
  • The flocks in shock! (Name’s) graduated!
  • Have A Wing-Ding Graduation, (Name)! Congrats!
  • We’re tickled pink to wish (name) a Happy Graduation!
  • Let’s paint the town pink! (Name) graduates today! Congrats!
  • (Name’s) gettin’ the flock outta here & going to (VCU,Tech,U of R, etc.) Congrats!
Graduation Phrases / Graduate Phrases (Tombstone)
  • Tomb It May Concern! (Name) Graduated! Congrats!
  • Here lies (Name’s) High School Life! Congrats Graduate!
Cow Phrases
  • Holy Cow (name) is (age) now! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name’s) (age) today and that’s no bull! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name) don’t have a cow you’re only (age) now! Happy Birthday!
  • We herd (name) is out to pasture at (age)! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name) we are mooooved by your (age)! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, (name)! Hope your day is udderly fabulous!
  • Don’t Have A Cow! It’s Only A Birthday!
  • (Name’s) an udder year older! Happy (age) Birthday!
  • (Name), it’s your birthday! Milk it for all it’s worth!
  • A few more for the cows
  • Party Til the cows come home!
  • Party til the people come home!
  • “Cow”-ngratulations!
  • What a “COW”-tastrophy!
  • “MOO” HOO (name)’s 32!
  • You old heifer!
  • What a cow-tastrophy (name) an udder year older!
  • Moos Flash! It’s (name’s) (age) birthday!
  • (Name’s) over the hill and out to pasture!
  • (Name) is Over the Hill & Out To Pasture! Happy Birthday!
Penguin Phrases
  • Chill out (name), it’s cool to be (age), happy birthday
  • (Name) Have the coolest birthday ever!
  • To someone born in the ice ages! Happy birthday (Name)
  • Happy (age) burrr-thday (name)
  • Time to chill (name) cause you’re over the hill at (age)
  • (Name’s) still chillin’ at (age) happy birthday
  • Have a really cool (age) burrr-thday (name)
Dinosaur Phrases
  • Welcome to Geriatric Park (name) is (age)! Happy Birthday!
  • Once idolized now fossilized (name) is (age)! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name) may be (age) but not yet extinct! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy (age) Birthday (name)’you old fossil!
  • Welcome to Geriatric Park (name)! You old fossil!
  • No bones about it (name) is (age) today! Happy Birthday!
  • Have a Dino-Mite (age) Birthday, (name)!
  • Have a Dino-Mite Birthday, and a Rexellent year!
Pig Phrases
  • The porkers are here for (name’s) (age) year happy birthday
  • (Name) I’m hog wild for you happy (age) birthday
  • Happy (age) birthday (name) hogs and kisses
  • (Name) it’s no big squeal to be (age) happy birthday
  • (Age) oinks for (name’s) (age) birthday
  • (Name) We’re squealing on you! Happy birthday
  • (Name) Be a ham, it’s your (age) birthday
  • Hogs & kisses on your (age) birthday (name).
  • (Name) pig out on cake, it’s your birthday!
  • Someone squealed – it’s (name’s) (age) birthday
  • MALE – It’s (name’s) (age th)! Happy birthday Ham-some!
  • This lil’ piggy cried Hee-Hee (name)’s (age)!
  • In pig years you’d be a football – happy (age th) (name)
Bra Phrases
  • We support you growing older
  • Have an uplifting birthday
  • Happy Birthday from your bosom buddies!

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